The Undreaming Chronicles

Link to Amazon Book 1: Revelations from the Holy Planet (The Undreaming Chronicles, Book One)

The Library of Time Book 2

Into the Unconscious Book 3

Forgiving the Human Robot Book 4


Four part fictional graphic novel series exploring metaphysical concepts.

Note: Books 2, 3 and 4 are only available on Kindle through Amazon. It’s expensive putting and keeping full color books in print.




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    Payhip (9.99) (Available as a Kindle .mobi file or as a high definition PDF. Use the share button on the book’s sales page to share on Facebook or Twitter for a $1 discount. Check out my whole Payhip store; I’m also offering a The Universe Is a Dream PDF in case you ever wanted one.) Some people with iPads have been unable to figure out how to get the Kindle mobi file from payhip to work. So for iPads I’d say go with Amazon or with the PDF.
    Amazon Kindle (9.99) (I’d prefer you buy from Payhip–but I know buying directly on a Kindle is easy and not everyone is very computer literate. So for ease, buying on Amazon has an advantage. Therefore, do whatever is most convenient for you.) Amazon UK Amazon DE Amazon BR Amazon ES
  • Paperback (out of print)

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